1st baby,  labour ward (physiological birth) We did Gemma’s hypnobirthing course via Skype in March 2020 and I went on to have one follow up one-to-one session afterwards. We both found the course really interesting and well delivered. My science-minded husband had been a bit sceptical about hypnobirthing but he really enjoyed the theory behind […]

Marcela de Leon & Dimitrios Sferopoulos

1st baby, labour ward (preterm delivery at 27 weeks gestation/physiological birth) “I am still in awe of how things happened, of how calm and relaxed I kept “ “Oh, you must have been so stressed!!!” is the first thing we often hear (accompanied by a look of anguish and almost horror in their eyes) when […]

Karen Whyte

2nd baby,  labour ward (induction of labour/physiological birth) I can’t thank Gem enough and will be forever grateful that I came across her workshop, which allowed us to have the most wonderful birthing experience second time around, something I didn’t think could ever happen. With our first baby, we had a very traumatic and long […]

Zuzanna Wrzeszczynska

1st baby, (hospital/ physiological birth) ‘This euphoria after giving birth stayed with us for days.’ “My partner and I are first-time parents. In April 2020 we welcomed to the world our baby girl Zosia. Even though the pandemic changed my birth plan, I still had the most easy-going and relaxed birth experience. I was in […]

Lucy Kempsell

1st baby, (induction of labour/physiological birth) I was recommended by my Midwife to contact Gemma when I mentioned I was intrigued by hypnobirthing, I didn’t know a great deal about it but figured anything that could help me deal with the unknown of labour and birth was definitely something I wanted to explore. Now a […]

Eilidh & Dale

2nd baby, (hospital birth/physiological birth) If you are at all anxious, worried or scared about labour then DO this workshop! It’s absolutely changed me and my husbands outlook and we left excited and looking forward to the birth of our second child, and I didn’t actually believe that was possible! My first labour left me […]