Gemma Nealon: Founder of Positive Birth Scotland.

'I still don't know how
you did it. Utter magic
and a wee bit of science!
I feel so happy
like my heart is overflowing,
I didn't think would ever
be able to feel like this again.

So grateful I found you.
You saved me.'

-Sarah Lawther

Midwife, antenatal educator, Hypnobirthing teacher and perinatal trauma therapist.

I can guide and support you through all stages of becoming a parent, from fertility and conception, pregnancy, birth and beyond.

I’ve supported hundreds of women, their birth partners and health care professionals through my workshops, one-to-one coaching and trauma therapy, both across the UK and internationally.

They have all experienced incredible results.

My unique approach to birth education

I am a passionate advocate for the right of every woman and her birth partner to experience a positive birth.

Having had two blissful home births myself, I absolutely believe in natural birth. But as a midwife and birth trauma specialist I am also realistic – hypnobirthing is often not enough.

I provide you with all the tools and techniques of hypnobirthing as well as an understanding of research and science-based birth physiology. If you are able to be fully prepared for all eventualities, you will feel empowered and enjoy a peaceful birth, regardless of how, or where, you give birth.

Maternity practitioners and health professionals train with me – because my methods are trusted and supported by research. I am proud to be a member of the NHS Lothian Perinatal Mental Health Network and regularly lecture to professionals and contribute to national radio and news programs about birth, resilience and perinatal trauma.

I can help you heal and recover from trauma

Sadly, one in three women and their birth partners leave hospital traumatised and postnatal PTSD often goes undiagnosed or is wrongly treated. That is why I set up Birth Trauma Scotland…because you deserve better.

As co-founder of ‘Birth Trauma Scotland’ I work to raise awareness and treat perinatal trauma and postnatal PTSD as a Birth Trauma Resolution Therapist. I use cutting-edge, cognitive neuroscience and research-based mental health therapies to provide powerful and effective, solution-focused treatment.

I work with those affected by traumatic perinatal trauma and postnatal PTSD, including those affected by miscarriage or fertility treatment or who suffer from phobias related to birth, such as tokophobia or vaginismus. I also have experience of working with people who have been affected by abuse and sexual abuse. 

I combine years of experience as a midwife and Natal Hypnotherapy practitioner with specialist training in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Eye Movement Desensitization, Reprocessing (EMDR)and Brain Working Recursive Therapy. I’ve helped hundreds of women, their birth partners and healthcare professionals recover emotionally, so that they can create resilience and move forward. You can read more about my therapeutic work at

I would love to help you feel calm and in control

You and your birth partner can access training, guidance and support during pregnancy as well as postnatally, with baby in arms via group workshops, classes and one-to-one, bespoke support packages and therapy sessions.

I also provide training, supervision and mentoring to other maternity practitioners and health professionals.

These include:

Gemma is wonderful, warm, friendly, welcoming, knowledgeable, easy to talk to, always happy to answer questions and fun. She is such a fountain of knowledge and has such a level perspective between natural birth but appreciating the benefits of medical support when needed. That is so refreshing because often information comes in extremes. I cannot praise this class enough! It’s the best class we’ve taken and would recommend it to anyone! Even to people who aren’t pregnant just because it’s so great!!
Tammy & Xavier Seneque
The most important thing we learnt was the role of the birth partner and the techniques & practices for them to do. Also that birth will happen the way it happens BUT you can influence it, if you are relaxed. The best part of the workshop was the balance between natural and medical information with researched based evidence. Gemma’s teaching style is approachable, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. We felt we had the ability to talk to each other & ask lots of questions.
Sarah & James Dunn
Me and my husband went on a two day Positive Birth workshop. The workshop was accompanied by a textbook, relaxation & hypnotherapy CDs. Gemma, who ran the course, is amazing! She gave me the confidence to ask for what I wanted antenatal wise and during my labour, to trust and listen to my body. She also provided me with fantastic advice towards the end of my pregnancy as it became increasingly medicalised. My husband thought the Positive Birth workshop was invaluable. He learnt a lot about pregnancy and childbirth which took the pressure off me to explain everything to him as it was happening (just as well as my labour was fast & furious). Also, the course gave him confidence and a role to play during the birth. I would definitely recommend Positive Birth to anybody having a baby – for me it was invaluable. It would be great to have a post-natal course too.
Morag Beveridge
I can’t recommend Gemma highly enough. Gemma is so passionate and any fears you had just disappeared and made you confident you could handle anything that labour throws at you! I have already told all my pregnant friends about her and can’t thank Gem enough for all her help and support, she is a special one!…she exceeded our own expectations!
Ilaria & Alistar
The best part of the workshop was the science! Really appreciated the neurolinguistic focus and the mix of anecdotes and theory. You’re an amazing teacher. Great pacing, energy and clarity.
Alice & Jamie
I love that it is about making the best of the birth that you have, not ‘unless its a natural birth you’ve failed.’ Gemma is a great natural teacher & personal anecdotes from being a midwife made everything ring true.
Laura & Chris
Gemma is lovely, knowledgeable but not too ‘pushy’. She has a nice and calm approach to teaching. We feel very positive about what we learnt, and feel so much more prepared for birth now. Would highly recommend to others.
Linda & Alistair
We worked with Gemma to help prepare for the home birth of our son, and I really believe that the sessions helped me to be calm, present and connected to my body throughout the entire process. We feel so blessed to have had such a beautiful birth, and so grateful to Gemma for helping us to be ready to make it happen the way we hoped it would.Giving birth to our son was the most profoundly magical and incredible thing I have ever experienced, and it is worth every penny to make sure that you feel as prepared as possible for the birth that you want!
Naomi Hart
Gemma is engaging, fun & realistic! Believable and knowledgable. She is open to feedback and to be challenged. The workshop had a ‘good vibe’!
Jo & Gav Thomson

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