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Hi, I'm Gemma Nealon.
I'm a Midwife, birth educator and birth trauma therapist

Having had two blissful home births myself, I passionately believe in your body’s ability to give birth. As an experienced midwife and birth trauma specialist, I also understand that medical intervention is sometimes necessary. That’s why I have created a positive, pragmatic and balanced workshop that teaches you how to have a calm birth regardless of how or where you plan to have your baby.

I do not recommend changing the language of birth like most Hypnobirthing teachers or even hint about rainbows or unicorns! Instead, we talk about research, physiology and facts that get results. My workshops are realistic, powerful and many report life-changing’.

My unique science and research-based hypnobirthing and birth preparation method will provide you with all that you need to know to experience a positive birth and prepare you for all eventualities. I also provide on-going support and guidance via access to regular workshops and classes, both before and after the birth of your baby.

When you work with me I will make sure you are completely prepared to have a positive birth. That's why I have included everything below FREE when you book a workshop.

UNLIMITED FREE ‘Birth Calm’ classes. 

Pregnancy mind-set, support and guided hypnosis session – a safe space to connect with other pregnant women and access researched based, safe guidance from a midwife. You can attend these bi-weekly classes during pregnancy as well as postnatally, with baby in arms. 

Find out more about ‘Birth Calm’ classes here.

UNLIMITED access to my ‘Breastfeeding Calm’ workshop. 

Learn about the benefits of Colostrum Harvesting (antenatal hand expressing) and access support, guidance and practical advice from an experienced midwife who has helped hundreds of women to successfully breastfeed. You can access this workshop as many times in pregnancy and even at 3am in the morning at home when your milk comes in and you need some help. 

Find out more about my ‘Breastfeeding Calm’ workshop here.

Exclusive access to ‘Midwife In My Pocket’. 

A Facebook community group provides additional support and learning videos that provide guidance and practical advice.

The Positive Birth Scotland Hypnobirthing and Birth Preparation Book, by Gemma Nealon. 

This exclusive ‘must have’ resource contains all you need to know to have positive birth and answers common questions such as when to go to hospital and how to plan for the postnatal period. Explaining topics in easy-to-understand language, it includes information on different modes of delivery, perineal tearing and all pharmaceutical and non-pharma methods of pain management.   

Birth Preparation prompts- 

To remind you of practical steps, positive affirmations and visualisation and relaxation techniques that you can keep in your birth ‘toolkit’.

Nine Hypnosis tracks – 

Designed to guide you into a state of peaceful calm as part of your birth preparation, to attain deep relaxation before sleep and to guide you during the birth. 

£20 off one-to-one birth coaching or therapy with Gemma Nealon

The exchange for your positive birth? £367 for a group workshops and £450 for a private workshop.

Sat 1st Oct 2022

(One couples space left)
'Kin Collective', Duncan Place, Edinburgh

Sun 27th Nov 2022

'Kin Collective', Duncan Place, Edinburgh

Sat 14th Jan 2023

'Kin Collective', Duncan Place, Edinburgh

Hypnobirthing Refresher

A bespoke workshop for you if trained with me last time via Zoom

Frequently asked Questions

How is the group workshop taught?

Workshops are taught over one day at Kin Collective in Edinburgh City Centre

How are private sessions delivered?

Over two, 2.5 hour session over Zoom

What are the timings of the workshop?

0915-1730, plant-based refreshments and light lunch are included

Why would I do this when I can do a cheaper self-study online course?

Sadly I treat many people for birth trauma who have done cheap self-study Hypnobirthing courses. When you do a generic online course often your birth partner will not be as involved and they have a hugely important role on the day. Sadly not all Hypnobirthing is made equally and I hear many reports of couples being set up to fail after being promised the birth they wanted, as if it were an option on a menu. They often feel angry that they were made to feel that for less than the price of a your average lunch out they could do a course that promised the world and because of this they regret not investing in a proper course. Yes they felt positive about giving birth but when it came to it they say they were not fully prepared unless things were straightforward. When you attend a course you get direct access to my thousands of hours experience as a Midwife, perinatal trauma therapist and antenatal teacher. You can ask question specific to you. You will also get continued support and access to me via all the free extras I include to make sure we cover all basis. If you feel investing in yourself, your baby’s birth, your mental health is worth it, and if you feel that starting out as a parent feeling positive and not traumatised is valuable then you will value birth education. Just like a wedding day this is one of the most important days of your life

Does my birth partner need to attend?

YES! They have such an important role! Whether your birth partner will be your husband, partner, friend or relative, they provide vital emotional and physical support. Feelings of trust and connection with your birth partner play an important role in building confidence and calm. 

This workshop will enable you and your birth partner to understand the birth process, how you can advocate for yourself in pregnancy and birth and how your birth partner can support and communicate your needs. Leaving you feeling confident, in control and able to concentrate on achieving a peaceful, positive birth. We have all watched movies where a woman’s birth partner, usually the dad, is nervously panicking, unsure of how he can help. This cultural narrative needs changing! Birth partners love this workshop as they have a HUGE role to play on the day.

What is the exchange for my positive birth?

The group workshop is £367 and a private workshop is £450

Positive Birth Scotland is fully inclusive and provides a safe space where everyone is welcome, regardless of race or gender. It is recommended that you attend this workshop with your birth partner. However, if you are a single mum, LGBTQ or surrogate family, whatever your situation – this workshop will be appropriate for your needs.

This package is suitable for everyone, even if you have experienced a previous, traumatic birth. However, the more specialist services provided within the one-to-one premium support or birth trauma therapy, offered via Birth Trauma Scotland, may be more appropriate, depending on your needs.

A complete Hypnobirthing and birth preparation program-

Comments from previous workshop attendees

"We learnt that a natural and calm birth is possible. Everything was so interesting, informative and positive. We feel so prepared and ready now. Gemma is fabulous- so positive, encouraging and knowledgable. We loved it! Can’t wait to birth and put it all in to practice.. come what may!!"
Dougie & Lucy Kempsell
"Money well spent. Feel very positive about birth and my ability to have a safe effective birth. Gemma is very inspiring & knowledgable. Great that she has the experience as a practising midwife as well. She instills confidence."
Susi Gill
I absolutely loved Gemma’s Hypnobirthing course. I went in with no real expectations and have left feeling so inspired and positive about the birth. We stumbled upon the course by chance when looking at hypnobirthing courses, and feel so lucky to have found it. It all makes so much sense and I am now looking forward to bringing my baby into the world when he or she is ready to arrive. I’ve been listening to the birth rehearsal track every day and I can feel myself becoming more and more positive. Thank you!
Kim Falconer
My favourite thing was how much Xavier is able to be involved during the birth and to support me. He really feels like he knows what he can do now and not worried about feeling like a third wheel. I can’t explain how huge this is as he’s excited to be involved and that gives me a level of comfort that I wouldn’t have otherwise had. Also the self hypnosis techniques are simple so easy to practice and I’m already trying to apply them in other areas of my life which has been useful. All the information you’ve passed onto us has been invaluable and it has given me the confidence that whatever happens I’ll be able to handle it.
Tammy & Xavier Seneque
"So useful to have Gemma’s experience as a midwife in the NHS alongside her Hypnobirthing experience. The best part of the workshop were the hypnosis sessions and learning that the birth partner is not just a spare part. This is not hippy nonsense!"
Russell & Noelle

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