Science-based Hypnobirthing and Birth Preparation package

Are you scared of the pain of childbirth?
Worried something will go wrong when you give birth?
Do you want a natural, drug free birth?
Do you know you will need a medicalised birth but still want it to be a beautiful birth to remember?

'It was the most
amazing experience
of our lives! I was
euphoric after giving
birth and can’t stop talking
about it! Anyone that is
expecting and interested
in working with Gemma.
Its the way forward!!!
DO IT!! It really works!!!

Bekki Robinson

You will learn how to stay calm, confident, in control and fear free throughout birth.

Today we are surrounded by the horror stories of childbirth. In fact traumatic birth has become the norm with 1 in 3 women leaving hospital traumatised. This makes me angry when it does not need to be this way and you CAN have a peaceful birth. Pregnancy can be an extremely anxious time when faced with the prospect of having to give birth, with the fear of these horror stories becoming your reality. That is why investing in your birth is so important to make sure your baby’s birth is positive. Read some inspiring birth stories from people who have done my package to see what kind of birth you can expect after working with me.

"We learnt that a natural and calm birth is possible. Everything was so interesting, informative and positive. We feel so prepared and ready now. Gemma is fabulous- so positive, encouraging and knowledgable. We loved it! Can’t wait to birth and put it all in to practice.. come what may!!"
Dougie & Lucy Kempsell

Do you feel scared of giving birth? Do you feel anxious that something could go wrong?

Are you worried about the pain? Or do you feel confused about how to best prepare for childbirth? So many people I work with do, and I am not surprised when there is so much conflicting advice and horror stories everywhere.

Having transformed birth for hundreds women and birth partner’s I have developed a unique science based Hypnobirthing and birth education course to tackle these problems based on my experience as a midwife, antenatal education teacher and birth trauma therapist. My workshop is realistic, powerful and many report life-changing. I do not recommend changing the language of birth like most Hypnobirthing teachers or even hint about rainbows or unicorns. Instead we talk about research, physiology and facts that get you results; keeping birth safe and enjoyable in all settings. Having had two blissful home births myself, I passionately believes in your bodies ability to give birth, whilst as a midwife I realistically understand that medical intervention is sometimes and we don’t birth in an ideal world. This is very worrying for expectant parents which is why the correct preparation is key.

As a midwife and birth trauma specialist I have seen that learning Hypnobirthing is not enough. That is why I have created a unique Hypnobirthing and birth preparation method that will prepare you for all eventualities and guarantee calm.

What's included:

I absolutely loved Gemma’s Hypnobirthing course. I went in with no real expectations and have left feeling so inspired and positive about the birth. We stumbled upon the course by chance when looking at hypnobirthing courses, and feel so lucky to have found it. It all makes so much sense and I am now looking forward to bringing my baby into the world when he or she is ready to arrive. I’ve been listening to the birth rehearsal track every day and I can feel myself becoming more and more positive. Thank you!
Kim Falconer
My favourite thing was how much Xavier is able to be involved during the birth and to support me. He really feels like he knows what he can do now and not worried about feeling like a third wheel. I can’t explain how huge this is as he’s excited to be involved and that gives me a level of comfort that I wouldn’t have otherwise had. Also the self hypnosis techniques are simple so easy to practice and I’m already trying to apply them in other areas of my life which has been useful. All the information you’ve passed onto us has been invaluable and it has given me the confidence that whatever happens I’ll be able to handle it.
Tammy & Xavier Seneque

Nov 13th

'Kin Collective', Duncan Place, Edinburgh
(Only one couples space left)

Jan 8th

'Kin Collective', Duncan Place, Edinburgh
(Limited spaces left)

Feb 5th

'Kin Collective', Duncan Place, Edinburgh

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"Fantastic workshop and so down to earth & honest – highly recommend! I have really enjoyed my day and feel really positive & energised."
Anna McCashin
"Gemma is very passionate & that is clear. Knowledgable from lots of different angles, great ‘range’ of advice on all of labour & pregnancy. Would recommend to anyone."
Katy & Colin
"We took part in this incredible workshop with the inspirational Gemma Nealon. It offered me the opportunity to be in a better place and completely transformed the whole way I thought about birth _ it was educational & changed my whole experience. Anyone that is expecting & interested in doing Hypnobirthing- its the way forward!! DO IT!! It really works!!"
"Gemma’s medical training combined with her passion & belief in the impact of Hypnobirthing was hugely reassuring. She is enormously personable, welcoming and exudes an empowering belief in all her students. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to educating parents to be and changing misconceptions around childbirth. This is important and necessary work. You are doing a wonderful thing Gemma!"
Helen Bain & Ben Ingle
"It is clear Gemma knows the craft and delivers the presentation VERY well. She is very friendly and open with loads of anecdotal evidence. Helpful that she has had such a broad experience in midwifery as well as in teaching. Good food & drink too!"
James & Mikaela West
"Superb, really inspirational and motivating. Gemma addressed our fears and doubts and helped to alleviate them through her workshop. Nick and I are really excited about the birth now."
Sophie & Nick
"As a worried expectant father, I learned so many ways to help my wife – as well as building my confidence to deal effectively with the medical team at the hospital."
"Gemma has such high level of knowledge and is able to present with such a positive view of birth with the balanced view of acknowledging medical necessity. I think there is such a benefit to being taught by someone who is a midwife but has also used the techniques herself."
"The best part of the workshop was seeing my parter feeling more in control and part of our baby’s birth. Gemma is really approachable and a very good teacher. I am feeling so much more prepared and excited about our baby’s arrival. So pleased we decided to do this workshop with Gemma."
Lizzy Wilson
"This course should be on the NHS. All expectant parents can benefit."
"Very useful, really glad we came. Great to meet like minded people. Gemma is very knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and approachable. Very supportive. Thank you."
Siu & David
"Gemma is supportive, warm, informative and calm! So lovely to have a midwife background- very reassuring. Could not have been better. We both feel a lot more relaxed, calm and prepare for a lovely birth now."
Alison & Sandy Robinson
"We really enjoyed the workshop & feel that it will be very beneficial for us and for our baby to continuing practising Natal Hypnotherapy. Gemma has helped us boost our confidence; she is really good and empowering."
Marcela & Dimitris
"Fear can be conquered! The best part of the workshop was Gemma’s knowledge & positivity and the focus on natural techniques. It was well organised, comprehensive & a positive experience."
Christy & Stuart McCleskey
"So useful to have Gemma’s experience as a midwife in the NHS alongside her Hypnobirthing experience. The best part of the workshop were the hypnosis sessions and learning that the birth partner is not just a spare part. This is not hippy nonsense!"
Russell & Noelle
"Gemma is amazing! Informative, open and welcoming. We felt at ease to ask questions. We now realise what everyone loves about it. Amazing informative day!"
Annabel & Michael Higgins
"Money well spent. Feel very positive about birth and my ability to have a safe effective birth. Gemma is very inspiring & knowledgable. Great that she has the experience as a practising midwife as well. She instills confidence."
Susie Gill
"We loved it! Gemma is excellent, enthusiastic and encouraging. The most important thing we learnt was breathing techniques and how to have positive experience despite intervention."
Hannah Putsey & Nick Roberts