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"the birth was beautiful, painless and my greatest would never have been the best experience of my life without Gemma’s workshop.”
Sophie Wright

Gemma recommends...

Awesome research sharing midwife & author

Award winning & powerful midwife, author, international speaker

Use this site and videos to improve fetal position (breech, transverse, posterior) and birth.

Advice on maternity rights at work

Awareness, education & treatment of perinatal trauma and Tokophobia

In Edinburgh & Lothians...

Naturopath, massage therapist

Doula and pregnancy yoga, Edinburgh

Pregnancy and mum and baby yoga, Midlothian and edinburgh City Centre

Family and baby photographer

Labour and birth photographer

Perinatal mental health peer support

Pregnancy and miscarriage counselling

Pregnancy and postnatal mentoring and counselling

Pregnancy and Baby Massage


The Daisy Foundation


Baby hand and foot imprints

Compassionate law firm specialising in maternity discrimination

Specialist Paediatric First Aid courses

Georgie McCulloch Reflexologist

Finally… Watch these demos of how to use the sling included in your Scottish Baby box (featuring yours truly!)

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