Birth Calm

Pregnancy mindset and relaxation classes

"I was amazed
at how it felt like
such a caring
environment and I
felt totally at ease
and relaxed through
the whole session."
Annabel Higgins

If you find it hard to sleep well in pregnancy?

Do you have questions you’re not sure who to ask?
Do you want to get informed about giving birth and get in the right mindset?

If you find pregnancy quite isolating & lonely, especially during a pandemic.. then this is the class for you!

Community & support are so important in pregnancy so this is a space to connect with other pregnant woman in the same situation as you, and give yourself some TLC.
You’ll have the opportunity to ask me; midwife, Hypnobirthing, meditation teacher & therapist anything you’re concerned about, safe in the knowledge you’ll get a researched based & safe response. We close the class with a deeply calming guided hypnosis & relaxation session.
Because this class is held via Zoom you don’t need to do the journey home after class but can fall straight to sleep afterward, perfect as the autumn nights draw in.

First class


Drop-in classes

£12 per class

6 week block

£60 per block

"I thought it was a really fab class – Gemma was incredibly warm and knowledgeable whilst encouraging questions. It was really lovely to be tucked up all cosy at home and be able to just put the laptop down and fall asleep."
"It was just wonderful. I had been feeling particularly stressed all day and hadn’t slept well the previous evening. It was such a great idea to be able to get straight into bed and take part in the session. It left me feeling so calm and enabled me to have the best nights sleep I have had in ages. I still felt the effects the next morning and was able to approach the day in a more positive and relaxed manner.I really appreciated the time of the class at 8:30. Earlier classes or during the day don’t work for me as have a 4 year old.’"
Claire Morgan

First class free


Q&A with Gemma, peer support and birth inspiration followed by a deep pregnancy and birth themed relaxation and hypnosis.


Thursdays (2030 till 2200 BMT)


The comfort of your own home over Zoom so you can go straight to sleep afterwards

Feel free to wear your PJ’s and dial in tucked up in bed so you can fall straight to sleep afterwards

"A wonderful opportunity to share pregnancy woes with like minded mums to be in a very isolating time. Gemma was very supportive and comforting and the relaxation was exactly what I needed thanks."

A healthier and deeper sleep is a step away.

Imagine falling asleep easily and waking more rested every day?

Sign up for my free pregnancy sleep audio track and I will guide into a deep sleep every night.

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