Midwife In My Pocket

12 weeks of premium support

'Kai’s arrival into the
world was about as peaceful
as we could ever have hoped
for. We consider
the course to have been invaluable for us and Gemma’s ongoing support has allowed us to feel confident we were making the right decisions.'
Sarah and James Dunn

Midwife in my pocket is a 12 weeks premium package that takes mother’s and partners from anxious and scared about giving birth and becoming parents to supported, prepared and calm.

Are you anxious and worried about the ‘what ifs’?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of conflicting advice out there?

Are you freaking out about the pain of childbirth or something going wrong on the day?

Do you value the safe and peaceful birth of your new baby?

Imagine now if you had unlimited access to a ‘midwife in your pocket’ who would keep you on the right track, support you & guide you through your pregnancy.

This exclusive package will make you feel prepared & calm about childbirth. You will learn what action is really needed to have a peaceful birth in all circumstances. Using a unique tried and tested formula you will feel calm, in control and ready for anything. My promise to you is to guide you through every step you needed to take to increase your change of a natural birth and reduce your chance of complications so you can have the birth of your dreams.

"It was the most amazing experience of our lives!!! So happy to have her here with us!!! I was euphoric after giving birth and can’t stop talking about it! After having quite a difficult long medicated and disconnected labour first time round I went in carrying some apprehension about my next journey to my baby. With Gemma’s support I felt confident, empowered, inspired and so excited about having more natural birth and confident in my ability as a women. She offered me the opportunity to be in a better place and completely transformed the whole way I thought about birth- it was educational and changed my whole experience. Gemma was brilliant, and gave me so much focus and made me so sure I could be in control. With the help and support of Gemma we managed to achieve our home pool birth with no pain relief or gas air just pure Hypnobirthing, she was breathed into this world calmly."
Bekki Robinson
"WOW! I can’t recommend both Gemma and her course enough!!! As a Dad I was also equipped with various tools and techniques to help throughout labour and I used of all them to great affect (at least I think I did). We arrived to the hospital with my fiance 8cm dilated and gave birth to our beautiful daughter ‘Rumi’ an hour and a half later, all natural. Rumi was breathed into this world. Gemma is so passionate and any fears you have just disappear and she make you confident you could handle anything that labour throws at you! I have already told all my pregnant friends about her and can’t thank Gem enough for all her help and support, she is a special one!…she exceeded our own expectations!”
Alistair Gray

What's included?

‘Midwife in my pocket’ is created by me, Gemma Nealon.

I’m a midwife, Hypnobirthing teacher, trauma therapist and mindset coach who helps mother’s & birth partners let go of the fear of childbirth & be prepared for anything. I can help  you can have a calm birth regardless of how or where it happens. 30% of mother’s leave hospital traumatised which makes me so sad and angry when I have seen that it doesn’t need to be this way. My unique package will safely guide you through the journey to parenthood. What is great is that you can access this package from the safety of your own home where ever you are in the world.

Over the last six years, I’ve supported 100’s of couples in all circumstances through my workshops and 121 birth coaching and trauma therapy, and they’ve experienced incredible results.

Do you value the safe and peaceful birth of your new baby?

Now it’s your time and your turn…

This premium 12 week package is perfect for expectant parents who want to overcome the fear of childbirth & have a calm pregnancy & birth. If you value the benefits of a calm pregnancy & birth then I would love to help you make that happen. This totally uniques package is based on the level of support, transformations & preparation I have seen that you need to have a calm & positive birth.

Whatever your mindset about pregnancy and childbirth is now, nothing phases me. I will use my years of experience as an NHS midwife, Hypnobirthing teacher, trauma therapist & coach, to walk you & your birth partner through your pregnancy & childbirth calmly.  Maybe you are totally phobic of childbirth, have suffered previous trauma or maybe you already believe in your body and really want to do what it takes for a peaceful birth. I will make sure you will feel prepared, calm & ready for whatever happens. You will take the power back in to your own hands so you can learn to trust your body, and look forward to welcoming your baby. You will hugely increase your chance of a natural birth whilst being prepared for anything.

You can choose when to start your package, some like to focus on pregnancy and some people would like my support once the baby has arrived also. During the package I will be there to support you whatever happens & unfolds during your pregnancy. Additional months can be added to your package on request.

*Please note that whilst I am a qualified midwife, I can not give you clinical advice. I will encourage you to refer to your health care provider when appropriate.*

Reach for the midwife in your pocket rather than Google or social media!

"Our son was born unexpectedly, at 27 weeks of pregnancy, while we were visiting family in Germany. I cannot describe with words how much her support helped me. Gemma LOVES what she does, she loves her job as a midwife and she truly believes in Hypnobirthing and during those weeks, she helped us a lot. She was so supportive and encouraging and I cannot describe with words how much her support helped me. She also came to do a breastfeeding coaching session with me and to meet Leo as soon when we returned to Scotland. I am still in awe of how things happened, of how calm and relaxed I kept and even our doctors and nurses in Germany could not believe how focused and calm I kept. They told me that most women in my situation don’t react like this and that they usually demand for a c-section when it isn’t necessary. We honestly couldn’t have done things the way we did them without practising Hypnobirthing and without Gemma. "
Marcela de Leon
"Birthing my second baby was the greatest achievement of my life and I couldn’t have done it without the amazing, informative and empowering Gemma Nealon. I worked with her and attended her workshop with my, at the time very sceptical husband. I desperately wanted a home birth and I felt that he didn’t and that made me anxious (our 1st son was premature and we had a terrifying, stressful hospital experience). The workshop & her support were the best thing we ever did. My husband and I felt empowered and positive and looking forward to the birth!?! ( crazy huh!) I went into labour with no fear, we walked the streets together, watched some fireworks ( I laboured through Nov 5th) then came home, found my own space and gave birth to my baby, at home, in my living room. My husband and I were so relaxed and confident we left it a little late to call the midwife, but she came in time, but my husband was the strongest and most supportive I’ve ever seen him and that inspired me. It was beautiful, painless and my greatest achievement. But it would never have been the best experience of my life without Gemma. So thank you!”"
Sophie Wright
"My labour experience was everything I feared, did so not go to plan, and yet I still manageIMG-20180205-WA0005d a natural, minimal pain birth! I cannot explain enough, how I couldn’t have managed this, my hospital stay and the discussions around induction without Gemma and the techniques I learned. Not only did it help me relax, it helped me have the confidence to ask what my other options were, not simply accepting what the first consultant said, and to listen to my body. Gemma is simply put – amazing. There is no thank you big enough, she helped me bring me baby girl into the world safely, naturally and made me feel like an absolute superstar in doing so! Gemma, we love you.”
Lucy Kempsil

Human beings are not designed for going through huge transformations without support.

And there aren’t many transformations that can rival growing, birthing and parenting a tiny human!

Are you ready to take the plunge and invest in yourself & your baby to making your experience really special?

"Gemma’s medical training combined with her passion & belief in the impact of Hypnobirthing was hugely reassuring. She is enormously personable, welcoming and exudes an empowering belief in all her clients. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to educating parents to be and changing misconceptions around childbirth. This is important and necessary work. You are doing a wonderful thing Gemma!"
Helen Bain & Ben Ingle
"With our first baby, we had a very traumatic and long drawn out labour that left me with a very difficult recovery physically and emotionally. I was terrified that it would happen again with this baby and decided to investigate the possibility of hypnobirthing. I came across Gem on Facebook and booked her immediately. When we explained to Gem about our fears she put us at ease and within a couple of weeks I began to look forward to the birth, not something I ever imagined I’d be able to do. I felt completely in control and calm throughout the birth, I can’t thank Gem enough and will be forever grateful that I came across her, which allowed us to have the most wonderful birthing experience second time around, something I didn’t think could ever happen."
Karen Whyte

I'm excited, sign me up!

Please note that due to the high level of support you will receive from me in this package,

I can currently only  accommodate a very limited number of clients.