Sarah Leask

(2nd baby, induction/physiological birth)

My partner and I arranged to attend Gemma’s workshop a couple of months before our second child was due. I had found my first birth traumatic and was scared that history would repeat itself. We decided we wanted to have more control and understanding this time round. I / we can not thank Gemma enough. We were given the tools to go away and practice hypnosis before the birth and put our heads in the right place for a fearless birth. My second birth followed the same path as my first (I experienced pregnancy induced hypertension at the very end of my pregnancy and was induced via a hormone drip to bring on the birth). Gemma made me realise that whatever kind of birth you have, you can ensure it is calm. From the minute I was in the hospital I used all the tools that Gemma had equipped me with. I kept myself focused on my breathing, focusing on my “special place” ( a beach) and didn’t panic once. I had an amazing birth. I feel so empowered and my husband and I experienced it together. He wasn’t scared or panicking , instead he was calm too (he listened to his hypnosis tracks in the run up to the birth) and felt he had a major part to play…which he did. It was such a special time and welcoming our son was a calm and beautiful experience and I believe that hypnosis was the main reason for this. Thank you, again, Gemma. Xx

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