Hannah Putsey

(1st baby- physiological birth)
I felt so damn high during and after the birth on natural hormones! What you taught us was true!

I wanted to get in touch to say that me and Neil had our baby boy, Remy, on 17th April. We had an amazing birth experience, thanks to your hypnobirthing course, the positive message about birth you gave us, and the intelligence you passed on about the science and hormones behind everything. I really think seeing the videos you showed us re-set my subconscious so I was able to channel those kind of births during my own, and have a calm waterbirth myself. I have been recommending the course to all my pregnant friends…

I felt so damn high during and after the birth on natural hormones! What you taught us was true! I was flying high for a few days after the birth too, and continue to be in awe of how amazing birth and the female body is.

How hypnobirthing lead to a positive experience for us both that we are very proud of:

  • At all stages of the labour I felt like I knew where things were at and how to cope
  • I was able to instinctively let my body do its thing – I just breathed and relaxed!
  • Gave Neil a firm role –  he did all the hard work with setting things up, calling the hospital, communicating my wishes with the midwives, creating the birth space that we wanted
  • Made us very connected as a couple
  • Enabled me to cope effectively and remain calm in the 20min car journey to hospital – which meant things progressed, rather than slowed down
  • We knew how to create the right environment in our birth suite
  • I knew what things to avoid (i.e. stimulating the neo cortex) and what things to do (i.e. kiss my partner) to keep adrenaline at bay and encourage endorphins and oxytocin
  • Having practiced with the tracks during pregnancy, it was enough to hear the music to get me into the zone

So, a huge thank you to you! The course was fantastic and gave us an amazing birth experience. Thank you thank you!

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