Anna Kormos- 1st baby- Labour ward induction/ physiological birth

If you do only one birth prep class, do Gemma’s hypnobirthing one. Her support, and knowledge is amazing, and hypnobirthing works even if things don’t go how you planned. I’ve opted for augmentation of labour at week 42+1 day after being in labour for 36 hours. My contractions stopped after trips to the hospital and […]

Mags, Roman & April

1st baby – homebirth Roman’s perspective- Just wanted to add a few thoughts from my side. Your workshop was a total game changer for me as a partner. Before taking your workshop I thought that all I had to do was be on top of the Lothian birth stats. I thought we would navigate the NHS […]

Anette and Duncan

Second baby- Waterbirth  I just wanted to update you on our news. Our beautiful baby girl was born on Saturday morning at 4:10am in the pool!! It was the most amazing birth, we really couldn’t have wished for better and we most definitely have you to thank for it! I had a few mild contractions […]

Miriam and Angus

1st baby- Planned Caesarean birth Angus and I just wanted to thank you so much for your wonderful Hypnobirthing course.We are so pleased to say our little girl, Helen, was born via planned C-section on 28 December at 38+1 and we could not have had a more gentle, positive, and wonderful birth and so much of […]

Faron & Gareth

2nd baby- Home / water birth Just wanted to let you know that our beautiful baby boy Eldon was born on 10.04.23 in a gorgeous home water birth with absolutely minimal intervention. He was birthed super gently and remained calm during it all. After induction first time around in lockdown with my little girl it was […]

Anna & Ollie

First baby- home / waterbirth I am so delighted to share my birth story to hopefully help inspire and encourage more women to research, prepare (attend Gemma’s workshop!) and take control of their births. I was home birthing from the outset! I had decided before I even fell pregnant that if I had a baby […]

Eleni McLean

2nd baby, Elective (gentle) Caesarean birth Thank you again for your all precious support and wisdom you’ve shared with us and to announce of the birth of our beautiful wee daughter.  She was born on the 29th of December 2020 by planned caesarean birth, which I went ahead with, and it was just the best […]

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