Anette and Duncan

Second baby- Waterbirth 

I just wanted to update you on our news.

Our beautiful baby girl was born on Saturday morning at 4:10am in the pool!!

It was the most amazing birth, we really couldn’t have wished for better and we most definitely have you to thank for it!

I had a few mild contractions from Friday afternoon but they didn’t start becoming regular until 10:30pm but I stayed home and even went to bed for 2hours. By 1am they had really amped up so he headed for hospital. I was 7cm by the time I reached hospital and she was born just over 2 hours later. I only needed a little gas and air for the last 30 minutes and it was the most calm and incredible birth. The hypnobirthing just worked a dream and I literally just breathed that baby out.

Duncan and I can’t thank you enough for everything. After such a traumatic first birth, the hypnobirthing gave us both the tools to have this incredible experience – we both felt so calm and I’m control the whole time. We 100% wouldn’t have had this experience without having done your course!


Annette & Duncan xx

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