Faron & Gareth

2nd baby- Home / water birth

Just wanted to let you know that our beautiful baby boy Eldon was born on 10.04.23 in a gorgeous home water birth with absolutely minimal intervention. He was birthed super gently and remained calm during it all. After induction first time around in lockdown with my little girl it was so different. All the preparation from your course honestly made a huge difference- particularly getting organised in the weeks prior with use of the mind-map- feeling in control of what we were doing. The hypnosis rehearsal track I feel made a great difference for me, it helped me sleep in the long days of pregnancy but it was running through my head during labour. I struggled with self-doubt more this time (likely as it lasted longer without the induction medication) but all the prep with the rehearsal track and the positive affirmations helped me keep going. I was able to breathe through my contractions for pain management, along with the water and a bit of gas and air towards the end.

My partner Gareth was an amazing birth partner (he was fab my last birth also)- we used the ‘special touch’ and I could hear him slowing his breathing down next to me when I was forgetting to breathe, and repeating our prepared positive affirmations and birth word ‘strong’ – all these things we wouldn’t have known about before your course and helped in my tough self doubt phase. I really feel the hypnosis rehearsal track did help make links in my brain when all these little triggers were happening. Feeling much more chilled as a new mum now, likely because of how well the birth has gone and the fact I’ve not had to leave the house yet to rush back from the hospital etc. Feel so empowered and almost in disbelief of what we have achieved. Thank you so much! Would recommend pregnant people & partners do your course a hundred times over.

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