Sophie Wright

2nd baby, (home birth/physiological birth) “I went into labour with no fear, we walked the streets together” “It was beautiful, painless and my greatest achievement…it would never have been the best experience of my life without Gemma’s workshop.” I just wanted to share my experience, as birthing my second baby was the greatest achievement of […]

Katy & Colin Douglas

2nd baby, home birth (water birth) I would genuinely do it all again this second it was that amazing!!! Max is our second baby, my first pregnancy and labour was great, it was by no means terrible and it didn’t leave me scared but I knew I wanted a calmer more relaxed experience this time […]

Bekki Robinson

2nd baby, home water birth (Click here to watch Bekki’s inspiring labour & birth video.) We are completely overwhelmed with the arrival of our beautiful little girl. With the help and support of Gemma we managed to achieve our home pool birth with no pain relief or gas air just pure Hypnobirthing, she was breathed […]

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