2nd baby, elective Caesarian birth

I remember that after our first session you said that it would be possible for me to have a really positive birth experience.  I doubted you, but was determined to do my best to follow your advice, work hard on positive thinking and practice hypnobirthing techniques.

The theatre team was THE SAME team who’d carried our my previous section.  Despite my criticism of their approach, they couldn’t have been kinder.  They let Larry in theatre with me from the beginning.  They were very careful to explain everything that was happening.  I used my hypnobirthing breathing when they tried and failed 3 times to locate a cannula in my small hands. 4thtime was successful.  I was calm throughout the operation. They lowered the drapes as Benji was born, delayed clamping the cord and laughed at my jokes when I asked whether they were sure he was mine because he had a full head of dark hair (Lorcan is blonde). Larry cut the cord. They towelled Benji down in the basinet which was next to my head, gave him the once –over and his vitamin K and then handed him to me.  They cut my gown open down the front and laid him across my chest, skin to skin.  He immediately calmed.  I wouldn’t let them weigh him at that point because the scales were in another room.  We had a lovely time while they stitched me up.  He was weighed when I was transferred to the trolley to go to recovery. In recovery we did full skin to skin and he fell completely silent and eventually had a little feed.

I only lost 150ml of blood, compared with 500ml last time.  I have recovered quickly.  Benji feeds like a dream.  By day 5 he’d only lost 1.4% of his birth weight and now far exceeds it. He is a very calm, easy, relaxed and content baby.  I’m convinced that this is, at least in part, to do with his birth. We co-slept in hospital and still do. He sometimes sleeps through the night or only wakes for one feed. Compared to being pregnant, having a new baby is like being on a rather lovely holiday.  I know that most people attribute this to luck of the draw and the confidence of being a parent for the second time, but I’m sure that his positive, calm birth plays a role too.

Thank you, Gemma, for steering me towards this positive outcome. I’m forever in your debt.

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