Eilidh & Dale

2nd baby, (hospital birth/physiological birth)

If you are at all anxious, worried or scared about labour then DO this workshop! It’s absolutely changed me and my husbands outlook and we left excited and looking forward to the birth of our second child, and I didn’t actually believe that was possible!

My first labour left me feeling pretty traumatised. In my mind I was planning a calm, natural birth but in reflection I hadn’t prepared my mind or body and the usual birth scare stories were all I heard. So after seeing how powerful natal hypnotherapy was for friends of mine, when we found out we were expecting again, I immediately knew I had to prepare myself if I wanted the kind of labour I hoped for.

The workshop was so powerful and informative. We left feeling empowered and prepared for a calm, natural birth.

We were planning a home birth, and we were both so so excited to have our second baby at home so when I found out my Fluid levels were low around 36 weeks and a home birth was no longer advised, I was so disappointed. But Gem was there with her positive outlook and amazing advise and reminded us we could still have a calm, positive labour at hospital….and boy she was right!!

My contractions started as very small little niggles on Thursday evening

(I actually thought they were Brixton hicks and not the real thing!) I went to bed as normal and tried to sleep. On Friday morning they were still there, but continued with my day as normal still not believing it was the beginning of labour! I took my daughter to play group and met friends for a coffee. Whilst my daughter was napping at lunch time, I began to notice the ‘niggles’ were coming every 5 mins and lasting a 40 seconds…maybe this was the beginning of things after all!

I continued with my afternoon and playing with my toddler. By dinner time, some of contractions were becoming more intense so my parents arrived to take my daughter and my husband arrived home.

At that point we really started to put in place all the advice given by Gem. We got all excited together, went for a nice walk, came home and had some food, I had a shower and created our ‘baobab tree’ in our bedroom and got into bed with the hypnotherapy tracks. Things then started to progress pretty quickly, I was having to really focus on breathing through the contractions by now and couldn’t speak through them anymore. At that point my husband called ahead and we made our way to hospital. Throughout the journey I was totally in the ‘zone’ using the tracks to help stay relaxed and calm. Within a few minutes of arriving at hospital my contractions started to feel ‘pushy’ so I just went with my body, it knew it exactly what to do without anyone having to tell me. I had hoped to deliver in the birth pool but our baby had other ideas…she was coming! An hour after arriving at hospital our daughter was born, she was breathed ( and moaned!) into this world! I had managed the natural birth I had always dreamed of but didn’t truly believe was possible. I felt amazing, like a women warrior!

Throughout my contractions I kept on reminding myself that my body knew what to do, all I had to do was relax and breath. If anxiety crept it, I was able to push it out by repeating my affirmations. My husband was amazing throughout, he was there with me every step of the way and was so supportive.

I can honestly say, I loved my labour. And (I never thought I would say this!) but it wasn’t painful, intense yes, but not painful. The power of the mind amazes me- through Gems course I was able to train my mind to be positive about labour and it truly worked! Not once did pain relief enter my mind, I was just so focused on breathing and relaxing.I can now raise my daughters to not fear labour, but to be in awe of how amazing and strong us women are 💪🏻😍

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