Positive Induction Birth Stories

I wanted to share a secret with you! That induced birth don’t have to be traumatic and scary, in fact it can be positive and calm. Birth can take an unexpected turn at any point and therefore it is so important that in pregnancy you gather skills to help you to relax quickly in all circumstances, so […]

But that wasn’t in my birth plan!?

  All of Sarah & James’ plan to birth at home was shattered at 38 week but that did not stop the arrival of their baby being ‘about as peaceful as we could have hoped for’. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Sarah and James when they attended my Hypnobirthing workshop. Their story is so […]

5 reasons to hire a birth photographer

This guest blog is from the lovely Karolina Anilorak who is a birth photographer in Edinburgh. I was lucky to have a truly enjoyable and fulfilling labour and birth, my only slight regret would be that I have no photographs to document the wonderful experience; I wish I had known Karolina when I was giving birth! Here she shares with us […]

Group B strep in pregnancy

The treatment of Group B Strep in pregnancy continues to be a hot topic, and one that can understandably be very emotive. It is often hard to find both sides of the argument in one place, so here is a brief overview for those of you who have trolled the internet for information about this topic […]

The Elephant Midwives

Remember the Elephant Midwives By Gemma Nealon; Midwife and Natal Hypnotherapist Elephants have midwives too.  In the wild they have midwives who surround them in a circle during their labour & birth, protecting the pregnant mother, whilst swaying along with the labouring elephant. The elephant midwives may care for the pregnant elephants throughout their long […]

The Hormones of Labour and Birth: Friend or Foe?

The Hormones of Labour & Birth: Friend or Foe? By Gemma Nealon Mother nature is kind. She has gifted the birthing woman with everything her body needs to give birth; a cocktail of hormones ready to serve and guide the labouring Mother’s body every step of the way. Although during labour and birth many hormones […]

How the mind can hinder and help you get pregnant

Preparing to conceive – how the mind can hinder and help you get pregnant. By Maggie Howell   With all the pressures, hopes and expectations of women today, it is now a common scenario that for many years, a women will do everything and anything to stop her body from getting pregnant.  She zooms through […]

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