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Hypnobirthing & Birth Trauma therapy in Edinburgh with midwife Gemma Nealon

“the birth was beautiful, painless and my greatest achievement…it would never have been the best experience of my life without Gemma’s workshop.”   Sophie Wright

“Gemma’s workshop offered me the opportunity to be in a better place and completely transformed the whole way I thought about birth…It was the most amazing experience of our lives!!!”   Becky Robinson

“I feel calmer, stronger, more capable. I had’t realised how unhappy I was until I woke up in the morning and that had been taken away… I hadn’t expected the results to be so instant.”  Vicci


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I am a practising midwife, who loves to share the techniques I used myself during two wonderful experiences birthing both my babies at home. Having practiced meditation and mindfulness for many years, I have a background as a massage therapist & NLP practitioner. I combine this unique knowledge with my experience within the NHS as a midwife. I am passionate about increasing your chance of a natural birth whilst giving you powerful skills to cope if things do not go to plan. You will learn techniques and skills that are research based, practical, and that suits all births regardless of setting or mode of delivery. Most of all you will leave feeling inspired and empowered to have a better birth. This is your opportunity to benefit from my experience of supporting hundreds of woman in pregnancy, birth and postnatally.




PBS-140px My midwife-led Hypnobirthing workshops will teach you everything you need to know about how to have a positive birth, regardless of how or where it happens. I often refer to my hypnobirthing workshops as ‘bootcamp for birth’ because they will dramatically increase your chance of having a natural birth, whilst totally preparing you for anything that could happen on the big day. I am passionate not only about natural birth but also sharing powerful skills to cope for when things do not go to plan so you can be confident that you can have a positive birth regardless of how or where it happens. My motto is ‘focus on the birth you want but be prepared for anything’! You and your birth partner will learn simple, easy to use tips and techniques that can be used in all circustances, in fact many couple go on to use and benefit from the skills I teach in their day to day lives, long after the birth of their baby has been born. Clients often say they are relieved by my down to earth, logical and researched based approach. I keep things simple, accessible and fun!











Gemma’s medical training combined with her passion & belief in the impact of Hypnobirthing was hugely reassuring. She is enormously personable, welcoming and exudes an empowering belief in all her students. The most important things we learnt was the simplicity of using the breath, and that we do not need to maintain a constant state of hypnosis. That Dad can do WAY more than we thought- and has the most important role! Thank you for your ongoing commitment to educating parents to be and changing misconceptions around childbirth. This is important and necessary work. You are doing a wonderful thing Gemma!



—Helen Bain & Ben Ingle

The best part of the workshop was discussing the whole process from a different viewpoint (the opposite to antenatal classes) and learning how the birth partner can be such a support & important part of the whole process. Gemma is a great communicator, explains things clearly and reassuringly. We have great confidence that what she has taught us will bring us massive benefit in the process. We are both really glad we took this course and look forward to reaping the benefits of it as we edge closer to the birth.

—Claire Farrell & Ross Forgan

I brought him up to the surface myself. It has to be one of the most incredible experiences of my entire life! Despite not having the home birth I’d planned, I couldn’t have imagined a better labour and birth of our son… Simon and I want to thank you so much for everything, we don’t stop raving about your workshops and the natal hypno program to everyone we know, we’re going to pass your website details to our friends who are expecting and hope they will use the hypnotherapy too.

—Georgia & Simon

I learnt how to stay calm, relax and breathe, knowing I can regulate and influence the nature of birth. We learnt options to cope with any situation. Gemma was really engaging and passed her experience and knowledge over in a way that inspired confidence in being able to cope with a daunting process. Empowering!

—Sophie O'Brien

Awesome! Love Gemma’s approach. Really sensible, common sense information that we haven’t come across else where. The most important thing we learnt was that we can have a positive birth even if intervention is necessary.

—TIm & Xanthe Hancox

Want a calm & positive birth?