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Gemma recommends

Sara Wickham Awesome research sharing midwife & author

Ina May Gaskin Award winning & powerful midwife, author, international speaker

Association of Improvement for Maternity Services

Spinning babies Use this site and videos to improve fetal position (breech, transverse, posterior) and birth.

One World Birth

Natal Hypnotherapy  main website

Scottish Doula Network

Doula UK

Maternity Action Advice on maternity rights at work

Birth Trauma Scotland Awareness, education & treatment of perinatal trauma and Tokophobia

Make Birth Better Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of birth trauma

Learn an effortless meditation practise



in Edinburgh & Lothians...

Tonic Health Naturopath, massage therapist

Mama Gives Light Doula and pregnancy yoga

Rachel Hein Family and baby photographer

Anilorak Photography Labour and birth photographer

Juno UK Perinatal mental health peer support

Lifeline Pregnancy  Pregnancy and miscarriage counselling

Birth and Beyond   Pregnancy and postnatal mentoring and counselling

Anne Nash Pregnancy and Baby Massage

Vicky Pittman Chiropractor

Kathryn Lawrence The Daisy Foundation

Sabrina Savero Pilates

Potty Emma Baby hand and foot imprints

Ergo Law Compassionate law firm specialising in maternity discrimination

Positive Birth Movement Edinburgh

Natural fertility

Twist Training  Specalist Paediatric first aid

Fertility and Pregnancy Edinburgh Georgie McCulloch reflexologist

Research and reading


Woman who fear labour and birth have longer labours

Does the placenta age?

Inducing labour; making informed decisions?

Group B Strep Explained

More Group B Strep

Research regarding the use of synthetic Oxytocin in labour

Birth after Caesarian

Study shows safest place to have a baby after a previous Caesarian birth is a birth centre

The Continuum Concept

Ina May’s guide to Childbirth

Pain really is in your head

Michel Odent on ‘love cocktails’ in birth

How to have a Natural Caesarean



Watch these demos of how to use the sling included in your Scottish Baby box (featuring yours truly!)