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5 reasons to hire a birth photographer

This guest blog is from the lovely Karolina Anilorak who is a birth photographer in Edinburgh. I was lucky to have a truly enjoyable and fulfilling labour and birth, my only slight regret would be that I have no photographs to document the wonderful experience; I wish I had known Karolina when I was giving birth! Here she shares with us […]

Group B strep in pregnancy

The treatment of Group B Strep in pregnancy continues to be a hot topic, and one that can understandably be very emotive. It is often hard to find both sides of the argument in one place, so here is a brief overview for those of you who have trolled the internet for information about this topic […]

The Elephant Midwives

Remember the Elephant Midwives By Gemma Nealon; Midwife and Natal Hypnotherapist Elephants have midwives too.  In the wild they have midwives who surround them in a circle during their labour & birth, protecting the pregnant mother, whilst swaying along with the labouring elephant. The elephant midwives may care for the pregnant elephants throughout their long […]

The Hormones of Labour and Birth: Friend or Foe?

The Hormones of Labour & Birth: Friend or Foe? By Gemma Nealon Mother nature is kind. She has gifted the birthing woman with everything her body needs to give birth; a cocktail of hormones ready to serve and guide the labouring Mother’s body every step of the way. Although during labour and birth many hormones […]

How the mind can hinder and help you get pregnant

Preparing to conceive – how the mind can hinder and help you get pregnant. By Maggie Howell   With all the pressures, hopes and expectations of women today, it is now a common scenario that for many years, a women will do everything and anything to stop her body from getting pregnant.  She zooms through […]